• About Brendan Ellis

    Big 4 trained accountant & data strategy specialist

    Professional credentials

    • Big 4 Qualified Accountant, Fellow of Certified Chartered Accountants (FCCA)
    • Business Studies: Bachelor of Science (Hons), Brunel University
    • Transformational Life Coach Professional Certification (in training), Animas Coaching

    Hi, I’m Brendan Ellis.


    I’m a Big 4 qualified accountant and data strategy specialist who has worked for top accountancy and financial services firms, amongst others. I’ve been on a journey from audit to transformation to strategy, all with a view to improving business performance.


    In 2012, I left a stable corporate job to venture out and establish ‘Think Smaller’. The aim now is the same as it was then, to open the eyes of businesses to the power of their data. By ‘thinking smaller’, you will see what others miss and it’s these insights which will give your business the competitive advantage to become market leaders.

    15 years consulting on and specialising in data strategy training

    Today, I’m a data strategy consultant who advises clients on the best ways to use their data to improve business performance and decision making. I’ve spent over a decade understanding data strategies, creating insights and delivering innovative ways to improve businesses.


    Previously clients include multinational media corporations, global corporate travel company and financial services firms.


    I’ve also spoken at events, created online courses, coached staff as well as developed my own methodologies.

    I work hard to play hard

    So what do I do when not training and advising clients on data strategies? I spend my time writing articles, being a life coach to ambitious & driven young professionals and doing motivational speaking.


    My motivation for giving you my best work, is that it will create a win-win scenario. You see, I’m a passionate sportsman with a thirst for the outdoors. When I’m not working, I’m likely to be on my bicycle, working out or trying to find the next ski slope. Because I like being active, I’m driven to give you the best work possible. As such, I work hard for you as a guarantee that you will rehire me or give me an outstanding referral. For me, it’s about creating that perfect win-win situation.

    If you’re seeking a first-rate data consultant with strategy and training expertise_

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